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January Newsletter

Hi everyone- Happy New Year! I hope you all had as relaxing a holiday period as possible and enjoyed the fireworks from around the world… London trumps them all as far as I’m concerned although I’m clearly biased. As we all gear up for 2022, perhaps time for some thought provoking data science reading materialsContinue reading “January Newsletter”

December Newsletter

Hi everyone- Properly dark and cold now in the UK, and even some initial sightings of Christmas trees so it must be getting to the end of year… perhaps time for some satisfying data science reading materials while pondering what present to buy for your long lost auntie! Following is the December edition of ourContinue reading “December Newsletter”

November Newsletter

Hi everyone- The clocks have changed – officially the end of ‘daylight savings’ in the UK – does that mean we no longer try and save daylight? Certainly feels that way … definitely time for some satisfying data science reading materials while drying out from the rain! Following is the November edition of our RoyalContinue reading “November Newsletter”

October Newsletter

Hi everyone- I guess summer is over, what there was of it- I was hoping we might get a bit of autumn sunshine but it feels like it’s big coat weather already… definitely time for some tasty data science reading materials in front of a warm fire! Following is the October edition of our RoyalContinue reading “October Newsletter”

The UK AI Strategy: are we listening to the experts?

The emerging UK National AI Strategy is out of step with the needs of the nation’s technical community and, as it stands, is unlikely to result in a well-functioning AI industry. The Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Section (Royal Statistical Society) asks whether the government has actively sought the views of expert practitioners. The UKContinue reading “The UK AI Strategy: are we listening to the experts?”

September Newsletter

Hi everyone- I don’t know about you, but that didn’t feel particularly August-like…. I miss the sun! Perhaps September will save the summer, together with some inspiration from the Paralympics … How about a few curated data science materials for perusing during the lull in the wheelchair rugby final? Following is the September edition ofContinue reading “September Newsletter”

August Newsletter

Hi everyone- That was quick, August already, but at least we have had the occasional day when it properly feels like summer- and now we have some Olympics to watch which is always entertaining! … How about a few curated data science materials for reading in while watching the marathon? Following is the August editionContinue reading “August Newsletter”

July Newsletter

Hi everyone- Not sure what happened to June – seemed to fly by – I know there were some lovely sunny days but then it got cold again… fingers crossed summer it’s not over already! … How about a few curated data science reading materials for reading in the garden, rain or shine? Following isContinue reading “July Newsletter”

RSS plans for engaging with the development of the government’s AI strategy

The government’s AI Roadmap, published at the start of 2021, sets the direction for the development of a national AI strategy.As the roadmap is developed into a strategy, there is a vital role for the RSS to play in setting out the role that statistics and data science have to play in the wider national strategy.Continue reading “RSS plans for engaging with the development of the government’s AI strategy”


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The Data Science & AI Section of the Royal Statistical Society includes experienced representatives from business, industry, government and academia and was formed to address emerging topics that will impact the long term success of data science as a profession.

We aim to be the professional body for data science and artificial intelligence in the UK and have clear goals:

  • Support technically-skilled data & AI scientists by increasing their public profile and providing a mentorship network.
  • Run a series of events with UK data science & AI leaders, disseminating guidance and exemplars of best practice.
  • Drive networking and best practice through social events and hackathons.

For more information, check out the official Royal Statistical Society website and also our LinkedIn site

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