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December Newsletter

Hi everyone- December already… Happy Holidays to everyone! It certainly feels like winter is here judging by the lack of sunlight. But a December like no other, as we have a World Cup to watch – although half empty, beer-less, air-conditioned stadiums in repressive Qatar does not sit well …Perhaps time for a breather, withContinue reading “December Newsletter”

November Newsletter

Hi everyone- Another month, another UK Prime Minister it seems – certainly the rate of political dramas doesn’t seem to be slowing…Perhaps time for a breather, with a wrap up of data science developments in the last month. Following is the November edition of our Royal Statistical Society Data Science and AI Section newsletter- apologiesContinue reading “November Newsletter”

October Newsletter

Hi everyone- Well, September certainly seemed to disappear pretty rapidly (along with the sunshine sadly). And dramatic events keep accumulating, from the sad death of the Queen, together with epic coverage of ‘the queue‘, to dramatic counter offensives in the Ukraine, to unprecedented IMF criticism of the UK government’s tax-cutting plans. Perhaps time for aContinue reading “October Newsletter”

September Newsletter

Hi everyone- I hope you have all been enjoying a great summer. Certainly lots to engage with from heat waves, sewage spills, leadership elections, spiralling energy costs… and of course on a much more positive note the Lionesses winning the Euros for the first time (it’s come home…)! Apologies for skipping a month but itContinue reading “September Newsletter”

Don’t miss out – ‘From Paper to Pitch’ meetup on Wednesday July 20th

From paper to pitch : success stories of academic and industry collaboration. Next Wednesday (Wednesday 20 July 2022, 7.00PM – 9.00PM) the RSS Data Science and AI section are hosting an event to bring together practitioners and researchers to improve collaboration. We have two excellent speakers in Rebecca Pope, Ph.D. (she/her) and Andre Vauvelle. It will be greatContinue reading “Don’t miss out – ‘From Paper to Pitch’ meetup on Wednesday July 20th”

July Newsletter

Hi everyone- Welcome to July! Inflation, union strikes, sunshine … lots of commentary drawing parallels to the mid-70s. One thing that is very different from that period is the world of data science (which didn’t even exist as a discipline) – crazy to think that the Apple II launched in ’77 with 4 KB RAM,Continue reading “July Newsletter”

June Newsletter

Hi everyone- It’s June already – time flies – and in the UK an extra bank holiday! Perhaps the data science reading materials below might help fill the void now the Jubilee celebrations have finished … Following is the June edition of our Royal Statistical Society Data Science and AI Section newsletter. Hopefully some interestingContinue reading “June Newsletter”

May Newsletter

Hi everyone- Another month flies by, and although we had that rarest of occasions in the UK – a sunny Easter weekend – the news in general continues to be depressing: law breakers at the highest ranks of government, covid infections high, and of course the devastating war in Ukraine. Hopefully the data science readingContinue reading “May Newsletter”

April Newsletter

Hi everyone- The news from Ukraine is truly devastating and brings a huge dose of perspective to our day to day lives in the UK. I know I for one care rather less about fixing my python package dependencies when I see the shocking scenes from Mariupol… However, those of us more distant from theContinue reading “April Newsletter”

March Newsletter

Hi everyone- Another month flies by – at least it finally seems to be getting a bit lighter in the mornings although I fear sunny spring days are still a way off… I imagine you are suffering withdrawal from a lack of dramatic Olympics Curling action so perhaps some thought provoking data science reading materialsContinue reading “March Newsletter”


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The Data Science & AI Section of the Royal Statistical Society includes experienced representatives from business, industry, government and academia and was formed to address emerging topics that will impact the long term success of data science as a profession.

We aim to be the professional body for data science and artificial intelligence in the UK and have clear goals:

  • Support technically-skilled data & AI scientists by increasing their public profile and providing a mentorship network.
  • Run a series of events with UK data science & AI leaders, disseminating guidance and exemplars of best practice.
  • Drive networking and best practice through social events and hackathons.

For more information, check out the official Royal Statistical Society website and also our LinkedIn site

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