August Newsletter

Hi everyone- Let’s face it, July was a bit lacking in sunshine but at least ended with a couple of scorchers. Possibly not the best conditions to be pulling together a newsletter, but we’d always take the sun over rain! Following is the August edition of our Royal Statistical Society Data Science Section newsletter. HopefullyContinue reading “August Newsletter”

July Newsletter

Hi everyone- Well, we have made it to summer (at least the British variety) – and it’s time for the July edition of our Royal Statistical Society Data Science Section newsletter. Hopefully some interesting topics and titbits to feed your data science curiosity while enjoying a socially distanced day on the beach with everyone else…Continue reading “July Newsletter”

Data Science Needs Technical Managers

We believe a lack of data scientists in leadership roles is a major reason why organisations don’t get value from data science. Our recent survey has shown that data scientists with a manager from a data science background are more likely to feel they’re delivering value for an organisation. Last year we conducted a surveyContinue reading “Data Science Needs Technical Managers”

The effectiveness of cloth masks has been misrepresented by #Masks4All

I recently advised caution about COVID-19 research performed by people without a background in infectious diseases. Some people hated that advice. I’m going to show an example of why it matters. In recent weeks, entrepreneur Jeremy Howard has led the #Masks4All campaign to make it mandatory to wear cotton face masks in public. Howard claimsContinue reading “The effectiveness of cloth masks has been misrepresented by #Masks4All”

April Newsletter

Hi everyone- What a month… the end of February seems like an age ago, and life for everyone has changed beyond comprehension since then. The dramatic rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial underlying importance of rigourous analytical methods to both understand what is going on, and to inform decisions around the bestContinue reading “April Newsletter”

All models are wrong, but some are completely wrong

At this critical time in the modern history of the human race, mathematical models have been pushed into the foreground. Epidemic forecasting informs policy and even individual decision-making. Sadly, scientists and journalists have completely failed to communicate how these models work. Last week the Financial Times published the headline ‘Coronavirus may have infected half ofContinue reading “All models are wrong, but some are completely wrong”

Our First Newsletter (of many…)

We thought it could be useful (and fun) to pick the collective brains of our Data Science Section committee members (as well as those of our impressive array of subscribers and followers) and put together a monthly newsletter. This will undoubtedly be biased but will hopefully surface materials that we collectively feel is interesting andContinue reading “Our First Newsletter (of many…)”

The do’s and don’ts of starting a data science team

Last week, the Prime Minister’s chief strategic adviser – Dominic Cummings – wrote a blog which attracted a huge amount of media attention. He called for a radical new approach to civil service recruitment – suggesting that data scientists (among others) should play increasingly important roles. But while data scientists were top of Cummings’ list, it was hisContinue reading “The do’s and don’ts of starting a data science team”

“We are not unicorns”​

On Thursday May 16th, The Royal Statistical Society’s Data Science Section hosted our inaugural Industrial Strength Data Science event of the year at the RSS headquarters in central London. The event was titled “We are not unicorns” and consisted of a panel discussion on a range of topics centered around the current state of dataContinue reading ““We are not unicorns”​”