November Newsletter

Hi everyone- The clocks have changed – officially the end of ‘daylight savings’ in the UK – does that mean we no longer try and save daylight? Certainly feels that way … definitely time for some satisfying data science reading materials while drying out from the rain! Following is the November edition of our RoyalContinue reading “November Newsletter”

September Newsletter

Hi everyone- I don’t know about you, but that didn’t feel particularly August-like…. I miss the sun! Perhaps September will save the summer, together with some inspiration from the Paralympics … How about a few curated data science materials for perusing during the lull in the wheelchair rugby final? Following is the September edition ofContinue reading “September Newsletter”

March Newsletter

Hi everyone- Another month flies by… At least it’s getting a bit lighter in the mornings and I’ve even seen the sun once or twice. I hope you are staying as sane as possible despite home-schooling, home-working, home-everything else (delete as appropriate…) … perhaps a few curated data science reading materials might lighten the mood?Continue reading “March Newsletter”

Andrew Ng Fireside Chat – Sign Up Now!

We are incredibly honoured and excited to be hosting Andrew Ng for a fireside chat on 10th February at 6.30pm (Sign up here) Many data scientists’ first encounter with Andrew Ng was through his Stanford University machine learning course – which has enrolled almost 4m people! However, some may be unaware that his contribution toContinue reading “Andrew Ng Fireside Chat – Sign Up Now!”